Co-Learn Project

The outbreak of Covid-19 had immense consequences for education. The closure of schools forced teachers to rethink their approaches to education and how to adapt pedagogy to remote contexts. Not only did they need technology to contribute to effective student learning, teachers also needed additional knowledge and skills for digital pedagogy. In many cases, the digital skills of both students and teachers turned out to be insufficient.

In this project teachers of five different countries will share their best practices in blended and remote learning. The Co-Learn project impacts the digital pedagogy and skills of teachers and therefore the way students learn by using digital technologies in the classroom and online. This results into a new approach to education, on a global level, in which blended learning is integrated.

The partnership of the Co-Learn project is a result of two succesful projects, Co-Think and Co-Make, about computational thinking in primary education. All projects are funded by Erasmus+.